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Last Updated: 26-April-06

Table of Contents:

1. Administrivia
    1. Who wrote the FAQ ?
    2. How do I contribute to the FAQ?
    3. Where can I find the FAQ?
2. MPLS Resources
    1. What group is responsible for creating MPLS standards?
    2. Where can I find additional information on MPLS?
    3. What is the MFA Forum?
    4. What MPLS related mailing lists are there and what are they used for?
    5. Are there any books on MPLS?
    6. Are there any shareware or freeware implementations of MPLS?
3. MPLS History
    1. What is MPLS?
    2. How did MPLS evolve?
    3. What problems does MPLS solve?
    4. What is the status of the MPLS standard?
4. MPLS Components
    1. What is a Label?
    2. What is a Label Switch Path?
    3. What is a Label Distribution Protocol?
    4. What's the difference between CR-LDP and RSVP-TE
    5. What is a "Forwarding Equivalency Class"?
    6. How are Label Switch Paths built?
    7. What is the relationship between MPLS and the Interior Routing Protocol
    8. What other protocols does MPLS support besides IP?
5. MPLS and ATM
    1. What are the differences between MPLS and ATM?
    2. Does MPLS replace ATM?
    3. What is "Ships in the night"?
6. MPLS Traffic Engineering
    1. What does MPLS traffic engineering accomplish?
    2. What are the components of MPLS-TE?
    3. How does MPLS merge traffic flows?
    4. How are loops prevented in MPLS networks?
    5. How does MPLS perform failure recovery?
    6. What differences are there in running MPLS in OSPF versus IS-IS environments?
    7. Can there be two or more Autonomous Systems within the same MPLS domain?
    1. How does MPLS enable VPNs?
    2. What alternatives are there for implementing VPNs over MPLS
    3. What is the "Martini" Draft?
    4. What is a "Layer 2 VPN"
    5. What is a Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)?
    6. Are MPLS-VPNs secure?
8. MPLS Quality of Service
    1. What kinds of QoS protocols does MPLS support?
    2. How do I integrate MPLS and DiffServ ?
    3. How do I integrate MPLS and ATM QoS?
9.  Generalized MPLS (GMPLS)
    1. What is "Generalized MPLS?" 
    2. What are the components of GMPLS?
    3. What are the features of GMPLS?
    4. What are the "peer" and "overlay" models?
    5. What is the "Optical Internetworking Forum"?
    6. Where can I get more information on GMPLS?

10. Voice over MPLS

    1. Can voice and video traffic be natively encapsulated into MPLS?
11. MPLS Management
    1. How are MPLS networks managed?
    2. What products are available to manage LSPs?  
    3. Are there any MPLS-specific MIBs?
    4. Is there open source MPLS code I can use to test MPLS?
12. MPLS Training
    1. What shows and conferences provide information on MPLS?

13. MPLS Deployment

    1. What are some examples of networks that are already running MPLS?
14. MPLS Interoperability Testing
    1. Are there any labs that are performing MPLS interoperability testing?
15. Acknowledgements
    1. Who helped write this thing?
    2. How do I submit a question to the FAQ  

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